Facts & Highlights

WildRescue, Inc/Rabbit Rescue serves the North Texas community in 2 ways:

Domestic rabbit rescue and rehabilitation:

  • Rescue domestic rabbits from DFW animal shelters
  • Spay/neuter domestic rabbits in anticipation of adopting them out to appropriate homes
  • Participate in adoption events to introduce our rabbits to potential new families
  • Educate the public on the proper care and housing of domestic rabbits and other companion animals through events and school programs
Sadly, there are far more domestic rabbits coming into DFW area shelters than we are able to adopt out – we currently have approximately 150 domestic rabbits located in foster homes and at the Rescue. Our goal is to find them all loving families to live with, but until we do, they have the Rescue as a place to call home.

Texas wildlife rescue and rehabilitation:

  • Rescue and rehabilitate native Texas wildlife for return back to the wild
  • Create and build appropriate caging and environments to house wildlife in our care
  • Educate the public to coexist with our “urban” wildlife, and offer exclusion and inclusion solutions for nuisance animals
  • Educate the public on the importance of a healthy ecosystem to support wildlife
The wildlife that comes through our doors numbers in the 600-900s each year. The majority of that wildlife is the eastern cottontail (our most fragile mammal), the fox squirrel, and the Virginia opossum. We depend entirely on donations from individuals for our operating costs. We hope you will consider supporting us so that we can continue to do this important work.



Rabbit's Rest Sanctuary is founded by Diana Leggett.


WildRescue is founded by Cynthia Gallagher.


Diana Leggett becomes President of WildRescue.


Rabbit's Rest Sanctuary merges with WildRescue.


WildRescue, Inc./Rabbit Rescue moves from its center in Copper Canyon to Denton.


WildRescue, Inc./Rabbit Rescue is named Denton's Best Non-profit.


WildRescue, Inc./Rabbit Rescue opens its new Wellness Center.