Adopy a Bunny and Love Some Bunny!Adopy a Bunny and Love Some Bunny!

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If you have discovered injured or abandoned wildlife, please start here before you contact us.

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If you are looking to adopt a rescued domestic rabbit, then this is the place for you!


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With hundreds of animals cared for each year, our Center always needs a helping hand.

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The Latest

Easter is fact approaching...

And now is a good time to remind folks to say NO to Easter Bunnies! A bunny isn't a gift for a day, but a companion that will be with your family for many years to come. So many bunnies that start out as Easter presents end up dumped at rescues across the country in the months that follow. You can help stop this sad reality by saying NO to Easter Bunnies!

Success Stories

His name is Terrance...

Terry picked him up and carried him home. She called more numbers than I care to name, but she found me. She met me in Little Elm and I had my emergency kit ready. He got pain relief, a shot of antibiotic and a shot of ivermectin, to kill the ear mites he was infested with. He is now sitting upright, nibbling on apple, but will be debilitated for at least a week...

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In the News

Diana Leggett at the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Symposium

Diana and co-lecturer Dawn Farver presenting a paper and talk entitled "Rehabilitating Orphaned Wild Rabbits - What We Know Now" at the 2013 NWRA Symposium that took place in Portland, Oregon this past weekend.

Congratulations on another great conference, Diana and Dawn!